Earn Money Online from Amazon.com Affiliate system

Earn Money Online

Earn money online from amazon affiliate system. You are willing to earn money right from your home? Amazon.com is the best platform where you can sell products from various buyers and get commission upto 10% of the actual price of their products.


How to Join Amazon Affiliate System

If you are new to amazon affiliate program; then please read full details and register to Amazon.com and go to your affiliate dashboard. You will get your affiliate tag id after successfully registered to amazon.com, please look at the following screenshot.

Earn Money Online from amazon.com

Once you get approved with amazon.com account; you can start your business by creating your own website selling amazon.com products. You will first have to decide which products you want to sell on your website.


Example Website

For example if you choose to sale LED Tvs on your website then we will create a website for you which will have at least 500 LED tv models from amazon.com.

When users/visitors click on buy now button on your website then they will be redirected to amazon.com on the LED tv page.

The best and simple example of affiliate website is http://ledmela.com

If the user/visitor completes the order from amazon; Amazaon will award commssion amount to your affiliate account.

On selling first 6 products from amazon it will be 4% then it will increased when you sell more than 6 products per month.

All you need to do following things before we start working.

  1. You will have to register to Amazon.com affiliate program.
  2. You must purchase a domain and hosting from a hosting company with a cpanel.

If you don’t have hosting and domain; don’t worry; we will also do it for you for $100.

Once you have all the above requirements done; we will be here to create your website with 500 products. We will charge $200 and will complete your website within 5 days.

If you want to add products more than 500 then we will charge an extra amount of $50 (for adding 1000 more product).


We offer 5 days time for a complete website. Please follow the Buy now link to proceed with the order.

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